Who Was Christopher Columbus ?

Who Was Christopher Columbus ?

Columbus obscured his roots so thoroughly that even today, after centuries of academic research, nobody has solved the riddle of where he came from. He probably was Genoese - at that time Genoa was a city state with colonies and trading in other places in the Mediterranean

In spite of the evidence, various doubts have been expressed regarding Columbus' national origin. Very little is really known about Columbus before the mid-1470s. It has been suggested that this might have been because he was hiding something—an event in his origin or history that he deliberately kept a secret.

No contemporary portrait of Columbus exists It is a little strange that a man who was famous and rich, (and vain) did not have his portrait painted

His signature is strange Like many things to do with Columbus, his signature is an enigma.

It is only when he turns up in Portugal in 1476 that the documented story of his life really starts. At that point he would have been 25 years old.

From 1476 till his death in Spain 1n 1506, a period of another 31 years, we can follow his life.


Christopher Columbus - Birth till 1492